Best Treatment for Leukemia

Because of today’s lifestyle, people who are diagnosed with cancer are so rampant. Some are diagnosed with breast cancer, colon cancer, leukemia, and so on. Cancers have no known cure or medication. Although Doctors who treat these cancers have a treatment that they could perform on one who is diagnosed with this such as chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and bone marrow transplant for patients with leukemia.
Leukemia is known to be a cancer of the blood cells. Although the cause of this cancer is still unknown, several risk factors have been identified. There are different kinds of leukemia which are grouped depending on how quickly the disease develops. There is Chronic Leukemia and the dreaded Acute Leukemia. It is also grouped depending by what type of blood cells it affects such as Lymphocytes or Myelocytes.
The best treatment of Leukemia known would mostly need a Stem Cell Transplant (SCT) by extracting cells from the bone marrow of another person that may have a match in blood type. Although this procedure does not guarantee that the patient diagnosed with Leukemia will be cured a hundred percent, it would be the best chance they would have to get rid of the disease completely.
Certain risks such as the stem cells not matching with the current cells of the person, exposure to other infectious diseases that may be acquired from transplanting stem cells from the bone marrow of one adult into another, or probably the body’s rejection of the bone marrow transplant.
Today, studies show that the umbilical cord blood of a family member would be the best source of stem cells than compared to stem cells from a bone marrow extracted from another adult. It has been observed that the use of stem cells from cord blood of a baby regardless of the blood type if it matches or not, can still be the best source for stem cells, will not be rejected by the system, and can finally cure the sickness. These stem cells are most ideal because it has not been exposed to environmental factors such as chemicals, sickness, and diseases because it has been preserved immediately after the birth of a child.
This cord blood contains a diversity of stem cells that are so pure and young that it can reproduce faster and help other stem cells cure sickness or repair any injuries as such. Current studies are being taken to determine what other sickness and diseases cord blood can cure.

Cheap Beach House Rentals and Tex-Mex Food In Honduras

We were astonished at the detail we organised to get such bargain sandy shore house rentals in the Caribbean. resided at Banana Beach for 3 weeks for a resting, romantic break and but completed up being enticed into far more activity than had designed! One large demonstration of this was the Tex-Mex BBQ.


The owner Rand is a (former) Texan so it did not shock me much that Tex-Mex boasted so prominently on the menu at ‘The Mystic’, the resort’s bar / bistro. Rand (who has some hilarious anecdotes and is inspiringly outspoken) had a bar in Dallas, so when it comes to Tex-Mex he understands his stuff. What did shock me was how condemn good the food was. As much as I love Honduras and its nourishment, restaurants here don’t do the best for rent jacksonville fl  variations of Mexican, or Tex-Mex Food. Often it’s better just to attach to the localized cuisine, the seafood and repasts with a Caribbean leverage. One of the issues is that Hondurans for some reason appear to title random bowls with Mexican titles, so when you alignment an enchilada (for example) you actually arrive away with a toscada, which can be a little disappointing.


Banana sandy shore is an exception to that, thanks to both Rand’s experience in the hospitality trade in Dallas and the excellent resident chef Juergen. On the benchmark list this means that when you order food you really understand what you will be getting! More than this, Juergen (thank god) shies away from deep frying everything, which is the benchmark remedy of Tex Mex nourishment in Honduras. So as you can estimate from my description of the standard list, the Tex Mex BBQs proceed one step farther.